It's Time To Learn to Trade In 90 Days  
Forex Trading For Beginners!

Learn To Trade In 90 Days

With Janet Blair From 'The Trading Floor'


Using Simple Rule based strategy you can create the lifestyle you deserve

​Improve your risk management strategy

Learn to trade anywhere in the world and get paid whilst you sleep

Create a home business, so you can spend more time with family​


Learn how to develop the discipline to make money whilst sleeping

Improve your trading psychology to become a successful trader

Rule based trading strategies which helps you to identify profitable trades

Rule based strategies to identify when to exit a trade ​


Develop strategies to create consistent revenue 

Increase your capital on a monthly basis by 1 - 2% per month

Use simple strategies that will get you in and out of a trades

Identify trends when the market is going up or down​


Learn how to identify where to buy or sell

Execute trade plan in the 'Live Market Environment' ​

Develop a trading plan for you are ready to trade the next session (European, US or Asia) or day ​

Learn to trade like a Professiona with forex trading for beginners

90 Days Of Training To Trading Successfully

Forex Trading For Beginners 
With 2 session's a week:  A brief outline of some of the training we'll cover. 
Master Trading Platforms

Trade Smarter FX:  2016

See how to setup your trading platform for maximum yields, reduce your drawdowns and sleep happier!

Manipulate Market Condition

Trade Smarter FX: 2016

Learn how we take advantage and profit whether the market is going up or down.

Planning Your Trades

Trade Smarter FX: 2016

The simple strategies I use to ensue I get the best return on my investment on a daily/weekly basis.

Buffet Trading Psychology 

Trade Smarter FX: 2016

Understand how to take emotional decision out of your trades, and "trade like a wolf!"

How To Minimize Your Risks

Trade Smarter FX: 2016

How you can protect your capital from big drawdowns. Making sure pip size and value are appropriate.

How Much Will You Earn?

Trade Smarter FX: 2016

There's a benchmark I go by when setting up my signals. I'll share tools and percentage spreadsheets ...

About the Author

Long time student of Tony Robbins, Janet Blair teaches Forex, Futures, Commodities and Stock Markets using Price Action.

With over 10 years experience, her courses are tailor-made to suit a beginners learning style and delivered in a way that no-one gets left behind by a highly experienced professional trader. Janet is passonate and dedicated to investing her time to mentor and share their trading knowledge and experience with you.

She has worked on a trading floor, plus provide training to several students across the globe to build their knowledge and confidence in trading. Trading has allowed her the lifestyle of travelling to different counties.

Her success in trading has been by maintaining the KIS (Keep It Simple) principle approach.  

“I haven't failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that won't work. Thomas Edison.

What You’ll Get On the Course

You will receive 2 video lessons per week. Plus trading strategies on when to enter and exit a trade for profit.  

You'll get my: Trade criteria checklist, Trade plan documents, Excel Spreadsheet to record trades.

Support throughout your trading journey so you can better understand market terminology and trade with confidence.

What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


Showing how various candle patterns coupled with levels of significance enable a prediction of future behaviour to be established with a reasonable level of certainty. The approach is further strengthened by using impending news events as trigger points for possible price moves.
I've studied with Janet for some years now and fully recommend her friendly method of teaching.

Dr Gavin Ashworth (Technology Afloat Ltd)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


The concept, techniques and strategies are such that every person will find a strategy to suit their preference. Janet's training offers a 1on1 which gives a personal touch, the support and aftercare service is second to none.
This course is my gateway to financial independence and offers me a 2nd income stream for life.

Eulyn Webb,

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


I am an experienced investor for over 24 years, 3 of which with commodities & FX.
I enjoyed the recent 3 day course on FX with the informal style and type of delegates attending. The Online Sessions which Janet runs Mon & Wednesday is invaluable to my trading and a gateway to success. Keep up the good work Janet.

Philip Goodfellow (Energy Efficient Professional)

Is The 90 Day Course Right for You?

This learn to trade course is not for everybody, use this section to see if this is the right course for you?


  • If you have never traded before and looking for another source of income.
  • Looking at spending more time with your family and need 9-5 alternatives. 
  • Trading and not making any profits & finding it hard to be consistent.
  • You may need a refresher course or guide to becoming a successful trader


  • If you can't afford to lose your investment, you'd better look at alternative wealth building ideas.
  • Its not for people looking for a quick win or want to 'gamble against' my proven strategies. 
  • Not prepared to put in the time and hours? you need to familiarising yourself with the market.
  • Trading isn't for you if you get stressed or worry easily. It can be a very challenging.
Get Learn To Trade in 90 Days

Try this online course risk-free for 21days and if you do not learn to trade better just send us a message and we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

Janet Blair​

With Bonuses To Support You Is My Goal!

Access to a private Whatsapp Group

The WhatsApp group is a community of traders who share trading experience.  Its an opportunity to get your views on live trades

To view trades other traders are taking

Trading opportunities when setups become available

Up to date fundamental news events​


Free 3 Months Private Coaching Group

The Online Coaching Group is a community trading with like minded people who share trading experience.  Its an opportunity to get your trading questions answered and view live trades

Interact with other traders view trades they have taken or planning to take

Planning trades together for the next session, you know exactly where to buy, sell, stop loss and take profit

Up to date fundamental news events​ and analysis 


Office Hours free Email Support

This email support allows you to email any trades you have taking for my personal feedback and comments

Your trade will be reviewed with feedback on exactly where to buy or sell

You will receive a feedback to your email with 48 hours


Free Weekly Trading Signals

You receive my trade planning signals every Sunday with 2 - 4 signal to start your trading week

Each week the trading signal gives over 500+ pips

Each trade plan will give you the enter to buy or sell

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