How To Capitalise on Brexit As An Invester

Why are people not involved in politics or policy-making?

Some people don’t get involved with these as they don’t feel that they see any difference when a new Prime Minister comes into power, in terms of their policies for the country.  Without having a say in politics/policy-making, the Government will make decisions on your behalf, everyone should have a voice.

How to capitalise on Brexit, increase your investment?

How To Capitalise on Brexit 2016

GBP vs USD – Image showing the pound going up as the market assumed that the UK were going to stay in the EU

Learning to trade the Forex Market gives you the opportunity to understand economics and how it affects individual countries’ currency.  This is also an opportunity to make money based on news events in the foreign exchange market.

How to capitalise on Brexit and judging how the market will react to bad news, which means a particular currency will go down; in this case, the British Pound. Likewise, good news will cause the market to go up.

UK Citizens have decided to leave the EU, which the UK joined in 1975.

There has been negativity, doom and gloom projected by many news reporters and even the Government itself.  The UK Prime Minister, David Cameron resigned following the result of Brexit.  In his resignation statement, he said he does not feel that he is the right man to lead the country through Brexit’.

Before Brexit, on Wednesday, 23rd of June 2016, during my online mentoring/coaching session, we planned trades together at the exact price levels where they should buy or sell.

Brexit Results 24.06.2016

The total pips valued over 9,000 on Thursday, 24th June 2016 following the announcement of Brexit.

As a trader, it is important that you know where to buy or sell in order to make an informed decision.  Jumping into trades whilst the market is going is like “catching a falling knife”.  Being prepared will give you the confidence and increase your capital/investment.

Another, how to capitalise on Brexit opportunity, Monday, 11th of July 2016. Andrea Leadsom decided to step down from running as Prime Minister.  This left Theresa May as the only contestant and she will now be the Prime Minister.

Theresa May - PMThe British Pound rose because of this good news. As the market has accepted her to become the PM, who can bring the party leaders together, provide certainty and lead the country through Brexit.


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