About Janet Blair

Janet Blair MBA, MSc, CeFA1

Author of The Trading Floor

Hi, welcome to my about me page, thanks for taking time out to get to know a little more about me, I hope to someday get to know you a little better too.

I’m a  single mother with two children, and bringing them up on my own over the years whilst learning to trade… has been a juggle.

I now have over 10 years of trading experience in Forex, Futures, Equities and Commodities markets.

Before trading with Price Action, I worked as a consultant project manager. Managing NHS projects, I was also involved with teaching customised programmes to NHS staff.

Projects like, how to use IT systems and major government change initiatives were the norm.

How  I Got Started

You may wonder how I transitioned from public NHS to the financial sector and ‘trading’ world. During my teenage years, I have always been interested in finance and running my own business.
If you are new to Forex market don’t be alarmed that you won’t able to learn the language.

Just over 9 years ago, I had no knowledge of Forex or that it even existed!

I remember one day receiving an email from a broker I was following and decided to start trading with a demo account. It was a great feeling making money which wasn’t my own or not in my bank account.

After several winning trades started to lose. I decided to sign up for a trading course which will teach me how to trade the markets from a professional trader who is making money consistently.

Having taken the course and spent over £20k, (you won’t have to spend this on my course) on courses and trading software, I wanted an easy way how to trade.

Inception Of My Dream Business

Whilst working for the NHS as a consultant, the NHS decided they needed to slim down on contractors. I decided to apply for a role to become a trainee trader with a trading company.

The company eventually went into liquidation, however, have provided some personal coaching for some of the students I was asked to consider being a mentor by a few of them… for pay.

This was when my dream of becoming my own boss came to fruition. I took up the offers and started my own company, I called it JPS Capital Trading.

I am an adaptable and practical trader and mentor who has worked with various clients across the globe from Dubai to Beirut using ‘Price Action’ to provide training and software support to clients.

With my knowledge and skills, I will assess your trading needs and provides support regardless if you are new to trading, intermediate or advance that will meet your particular trading challenges.

The training is carefully structured to meet your trading objectives and is designed to transform the thinking and psychological behaviour to accelerate your trading skills and show you how to live your dream life you always desire by making profits.